Cooperation with external organizations and companies
Gangnam Medical Center cooperates closely with external organizations and companies to conduct research on extending human life and provide the highest level of medical services. This collaboration will greatly help improve the patient experience and develop advanced treatment methods by incorporating the latest medical technologies and trends.

Our goal
Our goal is to work with our partners to provide the best medical care through life-extending research and clinical trials. Cooperation with external organizations and companies includes:

  • Sharing of the latest technologies and treatment methods
  • Progress of research and development projects on life extension
  • Clinical treatment for new treatments or procedures
    Co-host of medical education programs

Gangnam Medical Center cooperates with external organizations and companies in various fields, including

Collaborative medical device and technology company

  • Research and academic institutions
  • Insurance companies and healthcare financial institutions
  • Community organizations and non-profit organizations

Benefits of Cooperation

  • Our collaboration provides patients with the following benefits
  • Improved access to the latest technology and treatment methods
  • Improved efficiency of treatment and treatment processes
  • Reduce healthcare costs and provide financial assistance

Cooperation proposal
Companies, institutions, and organizations interested in cooperation with Gangnam Medical Center can contact us at any time and submit proposals. Together with our partners, we are committed to providing innovative and effective healthcare services.

Contact us
If you have any further information or inquiries regarding cooperation, please feel free to contact us. Gangnam Medical Center always welcomes your opinions and suggestions.

Gangnam Medical Center emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in immunology, genetics, longevity medicine, cellular regenerative therapies, nutrition, exercise, and more to address the complex challenges of aging, intractable diseases, cancer, and chronic illness.

Gangnam Medical Center cooperates with other organizations for human health.

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